Read this happy customers comments below. His wife was hit during a
storm and we helped them repair their "baby" all the way in Washington
state from here "in the boonies" Tennessee.
His body man did an AWESOME job!
Thanks again Joe for remembering us and allowing us to post your story.
Hello Murf,

It has been a while...but in order to get things done right, it takes some time. Thanks to you and all the
help you gave us to get started down the road to restoration. Everything started to fall in line and the
project commenced. You saw the condition we were in is the finished product.

My wife is happy to have her "Agnis" back in better shape than ever.

Thank you for your contributions.

God Bless,
Joe & LaVonne H.

hi Joe,
wow "agnis" looks great!! where did you ever
find the stripes for her? your body man did some awesome work!! wasn't it
green with a white stripe before? if i remember correctly (i get alot of
emails)? it looks great!! i'm so glad we could help. i hope your wife
enjoys here "new" baby and if we can ever help you or someone
you know check us out. thanks so much for replying after all this time.
we'd love to post a short story and picture or 2 on our website if you
wouldn't mind? it wouldn't have any last names, just maybe Joe &
LaVonne, from Washington. let me know. good luck with her and God Bless.

Thanks for your compliments. We would be honored to have you post about us on your web site. The
original color was brown and it had a strip of molding instead of a stripe. We decided to change that. I got
the striping kit from They have almost everything. I will bookmark your web
site and check from time to time.