Another success story we helped make
come true in New Mexico!
Hello again! Well I finally got both cars stripped and to the frame shop and now it is almost
done, the hard part anyway! Since the car I am using to fix this is 4 years older, many
things are different about them. The dash is the main thing, and my expert frame man sure
enough made a pull in the 69's cowl with his frame machine and the dash came back
perfect! He was able to splice the correct dash in the 65 front! He cut the cars in a "z" shape
so it fits like a puzzle, and he shortened left over rocker panel pieces to slip inside the
rocker for strength, so this car will be safer than the factory. This car is really coming out
wonderfully, and it will hardly need any bondo. I have added some pictures. I was
wondering if you know anything more about the car. I don't know if you maybe knew the
car before the accident.